Christian Counseling Clinic, LLC

Serving Families, Couples & Individuals

The Christian Counseling Clinic, LLC was established in 1989 in an attempt to meet the needs of the Christina community in the Greater La Crosse and Winona area.  Our vision was and still is to provide an opportunity for clients to come to counseling and have their faith respected by their counselor.  We seek to serve hurting individuals, couples and families by providing hope and healing through biblically based professional clinical counseling.

Several of our staff counselors are of faith.  As a result we want to provide a therapeutic setting in which a client can address his or her issues in accordance with their worldview.  On staff are licensed professional clinical counselors, marriage and family therapists, or alcohol and drug counselors.

Clients who share the Christian commitment will find the goals of counseling to be consistent with increased spiritual growth and a deeper relationship with Christ.

Under no circumstances will our staff impose their Christian beliefs and values on a client.  It is the client’s prerogative to define the nature of the therapeutic relationship.  The counselors will only incorporate the spiritual dimensions of their work to the extent that the client desires.

We firmly believer that, “Every day can be a new beginning in Christ!”

Contact us – Appointments are available weekdays and evenings.